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Why do we assume students know about QR codes and why would they be excited to use them?

Like most things we need to introduce students to QR codes in an interactive, exciting and engaging ways. QR codes are a fairly new technology so it’s important we use them in new and interesting ways.

The code bank, intro posters.

To introduce students at Darlington Science and Maths School to QR codes we created a unique story based around mystery safety deposit boxes and hidden identities. A year or so back I worked with DSMS to brand their learning strategy. The DSMS Learning Code has since been introduced to connect a variety of teaching and learning ideas and materials.

To expand upon this I created ‘the C.O.D.E  bank’ the Community Of Darlington Enterprise Bank, this new bank has a problem. They have found some hidden safes and the account information has been encrypted, the only thing they know for sure is the owners are students from DSMS.

Posters were placed around the school explaining the story. The posters were designed to look like a letter from the banks c.e.o Mr Hopper. The poster challenged students to prove they were the rightful owners of the safe by answering all of the banks security questions.

All of the schools departments were involved in providing questions aimed at different abilities and age groups within the school. We broke the questions down to Easy, Medium and Hard for both KS3 and KS4. Teachers were advised not to help with questions as we wanted students to research information themselves using new media and technology.

Letter from the C.E.O

Questions included :

Qui est-ce? C’est le père de mon cousin.

Put the following sentence into the past tense. Je vais au collège à neuf heures, je mange un snack à midi et je rentre à quatre heures.

What is the equation for calculating the discharge of a river?

The DSMS Governors are looking to buy some new cups and saucers for their meetings.

If 4 cups and 3 saucers cost 270 pence altogether and if 3 cups and 5 saucers cost 285 pence altogether, find the cost of buying just one cup and one saucer together.

(Clue: Simultaneous Equations!)

With students accessing google,  google translate, crowd sourcing websites and even twitter to source answers. To ensure the project never interrupted lessons students could only access questions and send answers during times mainly break, lunch and after school. Any answers sent outside of these times would be bounced back by our email server explaining the customer service team was very busy at the moment.

At the end of the week around 95% of students had answered all 12 questions. From the feedback I have received from the school it sounds like it was a great success with students now understanding how QR codes provide access to electronic information. With some students now creating their own QR codes to support their work. Hopefully the project has helped students to become self directed learners who know how to source information using new media and technology.

If you have any questions about this project please leave a comment below or get in touch on twitter @dandesignthink


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